Granero: De La Red Will Succeed At Real Madrid


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    Granero: De La Red Will Succeed At Real Madrid

    Post by FooSe on Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:54 pm

    Getafe midfielder, Esteban Granero, has today declared that he believes his good friend Rubén De La Red will succeed at Real Madrid, and that he hopes he recovers soon...

    Rubén De La Red might be out for the rest of the season but, according to his good friend, Esteban Granero, he will still be a success at Real Madrid.

    The pair came up through the ranks together with los Blancos, and then went to Getafe together last season, only for Granero to stay, and De La Red to head back to Real Madrid.

    Now though, after fainting on the pitch in the Copa Del Rey, De La Red will not play until next season. Despite this set-back, Granero has faith in him.

    "I am sure he is going to play and will succeed at Real Madrid. As a team-mate and as a friend I wish him all the best, because he deserves it," Granero told AS.

    The Getafe midfielder must have been more distraught by the incident than many people earlier this season, bearing in mind their close relationship, but he seems to have put any personal feelings away as he has performed well on the pitch for his side.

    "I have chatted with him several times since he had the scare," he said. "He is in a difficult situation in which no-one wants to be in because he has been fighting all his life for something, and then when it seems he has finally reached it, it escapes him."

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