No More Injuries for Arjen Robben – Dr. Ling


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    No More Injuries for Arjen Robben – Dr. Ling

    Post by FooSe on Wed Jan 07, 2009 2:54 pm

    World renowned physicist Dr. Tschen La Ling spoke today about his star patient, Arjen Robben, and delivered some great news that will no doubt please Real Madrid fans world-wide…

    Arjen Robben has never been the type of player to stay off the sidelines for too long. When he signed for Real Madrid from Chelsea back in 2007, the Dutch winger was already injured. To make matters worse, he haspicked up no fewer than seven injuries since joining Los Blancos, a feat that earned him the name “The Glass Man”.

    After getting fed up with his muscle problems, Robben finally flew back to the Netherlands in November to visit the clinic of Dr. Ling, the physician who is visited by the world’s most celebrated football stars all year round.

    Speaking to AS, Dr. Ling had some harsh words for club doctors. “They [club doctors] heal players very slowly. What they do in six weeks I can complete in one. With the club doctors, the players do not even regain full fitness, but the opposite goes for me,” he bragged.

    Ling discussed his patient’s case, saying, “We had to find the cause of the main problem, his constant injuries. Robben’s body is like a racing car and needed some proper gasoline. After studying the muscles and his skeleton, we have provided it.

    “He [Robben] now has confidence and can take risks; he knows that when he sprints, he will no longer get hurt. I can say that Real Madrid have invested their €36 million well, as Robben is a great player.

    “I have 15 years of experience and it is always great to see a lad like Robben reach his real level. Before he signed for Chelsea, he was known in the Netherlands as the young Cruyff. Now, without any more injuries, he can meet those expectations.”

    With a fully fit Arjen Robben racing down the right wing and terrorising defenders, it is difficult to see who can stop him now.

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