Hoeneß Criticises Shorter Bundesliga Winter Break


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    Hoeneß Criticises Shorter Bundesliga Winter Break

    Post by FooSe on Thu Jan 15, 2009 12:11 pm

    Bayern Munich manager Uli Hoeneß has hit out at the shortening of the Bundesliga winter break claiming that German teams are going to lose their international advantage.

    As of next season the German top flight are going to have a considerably shorter winter break- a development that has brought scorn from the Bayern manager.  

    “I consider the shortening of the winter break a mistake, which will damage German football” Hoeneß explained to Sport Bild.  

    “In the future, Winter training breaks will not be possible, and the Bundesliga will lose one of the few advantages it has in comparison to its international rivals.  

    “Up until now we had the advantage that German clubs could go into the knock-out stages of the European competitions fully rested.”  

    Bayern have just returned from a two-week break in the sunnier climes of Dubai before the league restarts at the end of January.  

    The Bundesliga currently has a six and a half weeks off in December and January, but the DFB has reduced that to just three and a half for next season in order to reduce fixture congestion.

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