Manchester City Now Offering €271m For Kaka - Report

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    Manchester City Now Offering €271m For Kaka - Report

    Post by egzonn on Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:03 am

    According to The Sun, Britain's favourite rumour-mill, Manchester City's bid for AC Milan superstar Kaka now totals a staggering €271 million (£243 million).

    It was initially reported that the Sky Blues had offered the Rossoneri around €100 million, with a further €82 million reserved for the Brazilian international's wages.

    However, as things stand, the Premier League club's proposal weighs in at €120 million each for the transfer fee and Kaka's pay, with the extra €31 million going to brokers, agents, et al.

    It is an astonishing sum of money, and one that clearly separates City - backed Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi - from Europe's other spending powers.

    And with negotiations now in full swing, it wouldn't be entirely surprising if Milan accepted such an overwhelming offer - although it remains to be seen whether Kaka himself can be tempted away from San Siro.

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