Scolari & Carvalho At Odds Over Chelsea's Defensive Woes

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    Scolari & Carvalho At Odds Over Chelsea's Defensive Woes

    Post by egzonn on Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:19 am

    British tabloid The Sun claims that Ricardo Carvalho, the Chelsea defender, has become embroiled in an in-house tactical battle with Luiz Felipe Scolari.

    It is thought that the Portuguese international is unhappy with the manager's decision to deploy zonal marking in an attempt to stem the tide of goals conceded at set-pieces.

    The Blues have most often used a man-marking system during Carvalho's time at the club, and it worked fairly well while Jose Mourinho was boss.

    But Scolari recently declared that, after switching off and then back to a man-to-man regime earlier in the season, he would reinstate the zonal set-up in the coming weeks.

    And that seems to have ticked off his veteran centre-half, who reportedly has strong support from his team-mates regarding the preferred marking system.

    However, this could be nothing more than one of Britain's most gossipy newspapers seizing on the fact that both Carvalho and Scolari have spoken this week about Chelsea's set-piece problems.

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