Arsene Wenger 'Hopeful' Of Bringing Arshavin To Arsenal

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    Arsene Wenger 'Hopeful' Of Bringing Arshavin To Arsenal

    Post by egzonn on Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:30 am

    Arsene Wenger has intimated that the attempt to bring Andrei Arshavin to North London is moving forward, but negotiations are at a delicate stage despite the Frenchman's optimism

    When quizzed as to where the Gunners were on their quest to sign the Russian, Wenger responded: "Nowhere. That means we are not close to signing anybody.

    "We know what we want to do, but we are not close to signing anybody today because I would tell you [if we were]. But I have no basic news."

    The Frenchman also maintained a dignified front when questioned further as to the details of the offer made by Arsenal to Zenit St Petersburg for the Russian.

    "Again, we are in negotiation - yes. But we want to respect our principles," he asserted.

    Regarding whether Arsenal had returned to Zenit with an improved bid for Arshavin, Wenger was poker-faced. "Nothing to disclose on that front," was his stony response.

    But as to whether he remained optimisitic that a deal could be done in the next few days, Wenger was upbeat.

    "I'm very hopeful; days, yes," he continued, "because the transfer market closes on January 31 and I haven't crossed halfway so it will be days."

    As for the recent frenzy surrounding the transfer window and the hysteria surrounding Kaka's possible move to the Premier League, Wenger remained aloof, claiming that what happened "on a football pitch" was of far more importance to him.

    He also attempted to pull the focus away from acquiring new players, insisting that working with the players already at the club and improving them was key.

    "We can improve with the players we have," he stated.

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