Perea Tried To Hurt Messi - Guardiola

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    Perea Tried To Hurt Messi - Guardiola

    Post by egzonn on Fri Jan 16, 2009 12:25 pm

    Luis Perea has today been accused of trying to hurt Lionel Messi when Atlético Madrid played Barcelona at the Camp Nou on Wednesday evening.

    The defender was booked for a late and hard challenge on the Argentine towards the end of the game, and Pep Guardiola believes there was intent in the tackle.

    "The tackle was meant to do damage...Football is a contact sport, but there are tackles, and there are tackles, some are going to do damage, like the one the other day," he told Marca.

    Fortunately for Messi he was not injured by the tackle, and looks like he will be able to play for Barcelona this weekend.

    Guardiola did not stop with accusing Perea though, he went on to say how he feels referees need to look at tackles more specifically.

    "Messi never complains, he gets up, and continues playing," he began.

    "The referees should be more attentive, not only with Messi, but with everyone, because then, television helps to show what has happened."

    Despite alluding to the use of video footage, Guardiola admitted that he is not a fan of it because, in his opinion, 'referees already know when there is bad intention.'

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