Beckham Sends Family Back To The States


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    Beckham Sends Family Back To The States

    Post by RefreSh on Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:00 pm

    David Beckham will spend his loan spell at the Rossoneri away from his wife and kids.

    Beckham is on loan at Milan for a three month spell in an effort to remain fit and in contention for an England call up from coach Fabio Capello.

    The midfielder lives a high profile life along with his pop star wife Victoria and their three boys.

    Golden Balls has revealed that his family will not stay with him in the Italian fashion capital during his stay, as his children's schooling in the United States is a priority.

    Beckham said, “Everyone knows how much I love my wife and my children, but at the same time I love football. My children will remain in Los Angeles due to school and Victoria will remain with them.”

    The dead-ball specialist added, “When Victoria comes to Milan she will stay with me for a couple of days.”

    The responsible father has opted to put the education of his children ahead of his desire to have them with him in Italy, but his short stint with the Rossoneri will soon be over and he will return to his family in Los Angeles.

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